Elegant Elbe - 2017

Berlin • Potsdam • Magdeburg • Wittenberg & Dessau • Torgau • Meissen • Dresden • Bad Schandau • Prague
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Base prices are factored using double-occupancy rooms; supplemental fees may apply for those traveling independently.
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Berlin, Germany

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Warsaw & Krakow

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Experts to server you, ship to shore

During your cruise you’ll be well taken of. Your Cruise Director will provide briefings about upcoming ports, coordinate social and cultural activities on board ship, and generally make sure that your experience is the best it can be. Your onboard Concierge can provide expert advice and assist with special requests, be it on-shore restaurant reservations to spa appointments to event tickets and more. And to guide your included shore excursions, we’ve selected the best Regional Experts. If your program includes a land stay (or if you have chosen an optional extension), you will also enjoy the services of a City Host at your hotel, who can help you plan your exploration.

Cruise Directors make your trip "smooth sailing" 

Your Vantage river cruise will be led by a seasoned Cruise Director who’s job it is to see to your comfort and satisfaction. Think of him or her as your onboard “host,” the person to turn to with questions about your itinerary, updates on the day’s activities, reservations for optional tours, and so much more.

Regional Experts in Each Port

No one knows a destination better than an insider, so in addition to your Cruise Director, you’ll enjoy the services of experienced regional experts in select ports during your included tours. Their deep command of regional history will certainly enrich your viewing of important attractions. But our “insiders” go a step beyond, sharing insights on behind-the-scenes aspects of local culture that ordinary tours usually overlook. How do families on this island get by? Why are local fishing boats painted a certain color? What is the most popular local dish? Your regional expert is eager to bring it all alive for you – in fluent English.

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Vantage Viking River Cruises Vantage Advantage
Journey The Magnificent Elbe: Berlin to Prague Elegant Elbe
Cruise-Only Prices* $0 $3,099 Better pacing with extra nights in Prague and Berlin, best value overall
Trip Length 0 days 10 days Most comprehensive features when compared to our competitors!
Per Diem $0 per day $310 Save from $18 per person per day!
Cabin Upgrades $150-$300 increments $600 to Deluxe Suite $100-$200 increments $1,500 to French Balcony; no suites The Best Value when you upgrade your Suite or Stateroom!
Included Tours and Special Features 10 Included Tours and 4 UNESCO sites: 2 included nights in Berlin Center; 2 included nights in Prague Center; Private guided tour of Strahov Monastery Library in Prague; Private dinner at Nelahozeves Castle in Czech Republic, Onboard entertainment; Onboard lecture & presentations on the region,Chamber music concert; and porcelain organ in Meissen. 9 Included Tours and 4 UNESCO sites: 1 included night in Berlin Center; 1 included night in Prague; Hradcany castle visit; and Meissenware porcelain factory visit. The MOST Tours! A value of up to $120 compared to the competition The only American-chartered ship to sail directly into Prague! More included nights in Berlin and Prague's downtown!
Meals 26 meals -Welcome and Farewell Dinner at the hotels and a special dinner at Nelahozeves Castle 20 meals The MOST included meals ashore!
Single Travelers Available in Category S – starting from only $5,399! Single cabins plus low Single Supplements from $2,000; Roommate Matching on April 15 departure in Category B. Free singles on optional extensions — a value of up to $510! Single cabins plus low Single Supplements from $2,000; Roommate Matching; Free singles on optional extensions — a value of up to $510. The Most options and Best Value for Single Travelers!
Extend Your Trip 3-days Berlin, $499 $166 per day 5-days KRAKOW / WARSAW POST, $999 $200 per day 5-days KRAKOW / WARSAW PRE, $999 $200 per day 3 choices: 3-days Berlin $499, $166 per day 4-days Krakow $699, $175 per day 3 days Prague - $499, $166 per day Best Value on Extensions - Save $33 per day in Berlin; better choices to extend your trip and your value! Best location of your hotel in Salzburg!
10 Ways to Save After your first trip you will receive 5% on your next journey-up to $635 per couple! 12% off in Vantage Travel Store & more! Reserve next trip within one year-$200 per person; reserve within two years $100 per person. The Best Travel Rewards Program in the market!

*Prices are subject to change & based on comparable March or November departure dates
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