Passage to Eastern Europe featuring Transylvania - 2019

9-night river cruise with Budapest, Kalocsa, Mohacs, Vukovar, Belgrade, Donji Milanovac, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo • Bucharest
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During your cruise you’ll be well taken of. Your Cruise Director will provide briefings about upcoming ports, coordinate social and cultural activities on board ship, and generally make sure that your experience is the best it can be. Your onboard Concierge can provide expert advice and assist with special requests, be it on-shore restaurant reservations to spa appointments to event tickets and more. And to guide your included shore excursions, we’ve selected the best Regional Experts. If your program includes a land stay (or if you have chosen an optional extension), you will also enjoy the services of a City Host at your hotel, who can help you plan your exploration.


Your Vantage river cruise will be led by a seasoned Cruise Director whose job it is to see to your comfort and satisfaction. Think of him or her as your onboard “host,” the person to turn to with questions about your itinerary, updates on the day’s activities, reservations for optional tours, and so much more.

George Bihoi

Vantage travelers often compliment George Bihoi's "wonderful bedside manner," which is no surprise, since he has a Master's degree in Health Care and Human Resources. His other credentials include certification as a national guide with the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, and as an official translator with the Romanian Ministry of Justice (highest certification available in the field.) But perhaps his best qualification to lead you along the Main, Rhine, and Danube rivers is his deep appreciation for the opportunity to discover new worlds. He credits his mother with that, since she was an English teacher who made sure her son knew what was behind the Iron Curtain long before it fell. Says George, "By 1989 when the revolution came, I was ready to open up to the newly discovered democracy. It's been 12 years for me leading tours and I can safely say that each time I go back to a place, I find something new and exciting worth sharing with our visitors." Among his favorite places to share are the Iron Gates and Transylvania, especially in fall and spring. A true man for all seasons, George still helps out in the emergency room of a Bucharest hospital when not on tour.

Bogdan Curea

As a child growing up in Bucharest, Bogy loved to tag along when his bus driver father drove travelers on tours all over Romania. “It was love at first sight, traveling and discovering new places and people.” Bogy went on to study history and finance, earning an MBA and working for international hotel chains such as Hilton and Crowne Plaza. Now he is back doing what he loves best, “Getting to know different people, sharing my knowledge, treating everybody as I wish to be treated when I am on holiday.” One of his favorite holiday destinations is Transylvania, with its “gorgeous nature and unspoiled lands, the medieval castles, UNESCO sites, and the special atmosphere.”


If you have a special request or personal interest you’d like to pursue during your journey, your Vantage Concierge is here to help. Even better, this new and complimentary service is available to all travelers — no matter what cabin category or flight class you’ve reserved (making us the best among other deluxe travel companies!).

Whether you want to plan an anniversary party, track down a bit of your family’s heritage in China, secure restaurant reservations in Paris, or organize an intimate pub crawl for your multigenerational group of family and friends in Ireland, our Concierge service can make your travel dreams come true.

Plus, Concierge service is available before or during your journey. Simply log in to MyPortfolio, submit a pre-trip request to, or call 1-888-982-6824 and you'll have your answer from our Concierge within two business days. Travelers on our European river ships can also stop by the Concierge Desk (located in your ship’s lobby) to make a request during your journey; for land adventures and small ship cruises, your Adventure Leader or Cruise Director doubles as your onboard Concierge.


Srdjan Ristic

The lecture begins with an exciting travel through time that gives insight into the richness of the area in regard to various civilizations, religions, and cultures that existed here for thousands of years. A phenomenon named the "Crossroads of the World," that is rarely found elsewhere in the world.

The story continues by taking the audience through the whirlwinds of the 20th century in the puzzling and boiling Balkans: the First and Second World Wars, the creation and dissolution of Yugoslavia; the enigma known as Marshal Tito, Serbia under Slobodan Milosevic.

The second part of the lecture has its focus on Serbia today, a country that vigorously pursues its European future. A society empowered by the wisdom of mistakes and successes during its very long, stormy and challenging past at the Crossroads of the World ...
Srdjan Ristić was born in Belgrade, one of the oldest places on Earth, an uncommon city situated at the crossroads of East and West. Its turbulent destiny influenced the character of its inhabitants for many generations. He comes from an old Belgrade family whose members left their mark on the life of capital city during the past 200 years. Among them, there were people of different ethnicities, religions and cultures. Diversity in his family background gave Srdjan a neutral viewpoint and deep and true feel for the complex historical and sociological processes in his country.

Modern Croatia with Maša Matić, Marko Majhen & Sara Kosavec

From Roman Dalmatia to end of World War I and the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Croatia has been battered by the tides of world history. Some of it has proved unifying, such as the spread of Christianity (today about 90% of Croats identify as Catholic), and some brutally divisive. Three young, energetic lecturers (depending on departure date), walk you briskly through Croatian history up to present day, linking events to the customs, places, and relevant facts that you will encounter during your visit.

Maša Matić, born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rijeka.

Marko Majhen is a native of Osijek, Croatia, a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences VERN in Zagreb, and an experienced tour guide.

Sara Kosavec, also from Osijek, specializes in economics.


Siegbert Schröder (River Voyager)

The son of a cargo ship captain, River Voyager Captain Siegbert Schroder has spent most of his life around boats. Starting out as a ship’s boy in 1982, he eventually learned how to maneuver and handle vessels on his own, becoming a cargo ship captain himself in 1988. He notes that every day brings new challenges on the water, but considers a voyage successful as long as the passengers are enjoying themselves and the water levels are satisfactory. When he spends some rare time on land, Siegbert enjoys soccer and motorbiking.

Gábor György Czakó (River Splendor)

Having worked on ships since 1986, River Splendor Captain Gabor Gyorgy Czako aims to make his cruises safe, smooth, and comfortable for all his passengers. “We’re at our best when the boat travels so smoothly the travelers can’t tell if we’re sailing or we’re docked,” he says. A native of Hungary, Gabor, a married father of three, received his captain’s license in 1999, and loves viewing the scenic natural beauty of the region all along the river route. When he’s not at the helm of the River Splendor, Gabor relaxes with his family or participates in paragliding, running, and skiing activities.


No one knows a destination better than an insider, so in addition to your River Cruise Director, you’ll enjoy the services of experienced Regional Experts in each port during your included tours. Their deep command of regional history will certainly enrich your viewing of important attractions. But our “insiders” go a step beyond, sharing insights on behind-the-scenes aspects of local culture that ordinary tours usually overlook. How do families in this town get by? What is the legend about this cathedral? What do the decorations on a particular house mean? Your Regional Expert is eager to bring it all alive for you. All are fluent English speakers, and you won’t miss a word of their commentary as we provide complimentary audio headsets

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