Unspoiled Antarctica: Adventure to the White Continent - 2018

Buenos Aires • Antarctica • Ushuaia
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Join us on a fascinating small group journey to Antarctica, the White Continent. Our classic Antarctic polar exploration begins in Buenos Aires, the city of tango and the ideal city to whet your appetite for adventure. You’ll fly to the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia, to embark your small ship – the ms Midnatsol — specifically designed for Antarctic cruising with a reinforced hull and state-of-the-art navigation equipment. Then, just on the other side of historic Drake Passage, a white wonderland of unspoiled nature awaits.

Our expert naturalist guides lend commentary as we take in spectacular views of icebergs, glaciers, sea birds, and marine mammals. As conditions permit, you’ll climb aboard agile landing crafts for adventurous shore excursions to visit penguin colonies, spot basking seals, and admire endless glaciers. And every day, you’ll be enlightened by our onboard lecture series by educated naturalists, all while surrounded by shimmering white-blue icebergs and rich marine life. What’s more, you’ll enjoy more time exploring on shore as our nimble ship allows quicker access to landing crafts and shorter distances to shore. Join a Vantage Adventures small group as we head down to Earth’s final frontier for the ultimate in polar exploration, at the ultimate small group value.

Itinerary at a Glance

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DAY 1:

Fly overnight to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our adventures in the Southern Hemisphere begin with an overnight flight to Buenos Aires.

DAY 2:

Arrival in Buenos Aires

If you booked our pre-trip adventure to Iguassu Falls, you will join up with the base tour mid-day. Upon arrival, we have the remainder of the day to explore independently.

Included Meals:


DAY 3:

Soak in the local flavor on a panoramic tour of Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital is a heady mix of European inspiration and an undeniably Argentinean spirit. Unforgettable Moment: Today, we set out on a panoramic city tour that takes us past the grand buildings along broad Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world; the San Telmo district, the city’s oldest barrio, lined with beautiful colonial buildings; and the European-flavored La Boca district, full of colorful homes. We also visit the fashionable Recoleta district, dotted with boutiques in historic beautiful buildings. After lunch on your own, the afternoon is at leisure. 

Included Meals:


DAY 4:

Head to the “city at the end of the world” and embark ship

We fly to Ushuaia this morning, the world’s southernmost city otherwise known as the “city at the end of the world.” It’s been a naval base, a missionary hub, and a penal colony, but today it is an epicenter of adventure travel in one of the world’s most fascinating regions. There will be time to wander here and have lunch independently.

Then, we transfer to the pier and embark the ms Midnatsol to begin our Antarctica cruise. Attend a safety briefing and be welcomed on board by the ship's captain, officers, and staff. Afterward, enjoy a Captain’s Welcome Cocktail and our first dinner on board.

Included Meals:

Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 5:

Cruising the Drake Passage

Unforgettable Moment: For the next two days, our Antarctica cruise sails south via the Drake Passage, the ocean waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans between the southern tip of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. The passage is named for Sir Francis Drake, an English sailor who discovered the link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Yet it wasn’t until 40 years later that this treacherous stretch of sea was actually crossed by a Dutch navigator named Willem Schouten. The Drake Passage is steeped in history and filled with legendary stories, as we’ll discover during a series of onboard lectures that you can attend during our crossing. Our presentation also prepares you to make the most out of the unique experience of exploring Antarctica.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 6:

The home stretch of the Drake Passage

As the ms Midnatsol continues ushering us southward, we’ll continue enjoying relevant onboard lectures and scenic viewing. Above else, crossing the Drake Passage is a thrilling event — so few experience it, but once we land in Antarctica, you’ll be glad you did.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 7:

Arrival in Antarctica

Unforgettable Moment: Over the next six days, where conditions allow, we’ll venture ashore on naturalist-led expeditions by versatile landing crafts to explore such sites as Deception Island, Cuverville Island, Neko Harbor, Paradise Harbor, Wilhelmina Bay, Brown Bluff, and the Antarctic Sound. If weather allows, a member of the famous Port Lockroy Post Office will visit us onboard for a short history lesson; postcards will also be available for purchase.

Note: Ice, wind, and weather dictate life in Antarctica, just as they dictate our route and our landings. As such, we determine our landings as our adventure progresses.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 8:

Exploration at the edge of civilization

Legendary travelers were drawn to Antarctica in spite of the stark and inhospitable surroundings. Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott famously raced to the South Pole in 1911 (Amundsen’s expedition beat Scott’s by 33 days). Perhaps the most famous is Ernest Shackleton, leader of a crew that set off to cross the White Continent in 1914. Shackleton’s ship, the aptly named Endurance, was crushed in the ice. Miraculously, the great explorer was able to deliver his entire crew back to safety and civilization (albeit a year and a half later).

Weather will dictate our itinerary in Antarctica, so each day will hold something new.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 9:

Astonishment in Antarctica

The last great wilderness left on Earth with no permanent human inhabitants, the continent is dedicated to scientific research and peaceful cooperation. With its crisp air, towering icebergs, and endless alabaster mountain ranges, words cannot convey the feeling of being in Antarctica. We spend the next six days cruising channels and passageways surrounded by the Antarctic Peninsula's rugged, glacier-covered islands and craggy landmasses.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 10:

Another unforgettable — and capricious! — day in Antarctica

Antarctica is also home to millions of penguins, as well as an astonishing array of other unique species. We’ll keep our camera ready as our maneuverable small ship wends its way among this pristine white wonderland. As we cruise, we enjoy a rewarding balance of onboard lectures that enlighten the mind and onshore excursions that thrill and invigorate.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 11:

Further exploring Antarctica’s wondrous nature and beauty

Penguins, fur seals, icebergs tall as skyscrapers and endless expanses of white are among the breathtaking sites we’ll see. One thing is certain no matter which of these magnificent spots we explore: Your team of onboard naturalists will help you view the natural beauty of Antarctica as never before. With an open mind and spirit of adventure, you will enjoy the most rewarding of journeys.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 12:

Spend a final day exploring this land of extremes

Your final day in Antarctica, including possible landings and wildlife viewings, will again be determined by the weather. No matter the circumstances, however, just being in Antarctica is an unforgettable experience all its own. Tomorrow, we’ll begin the journey back to Ushuaia.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 13:

Return to the Drake Passage

After an unforgettable six days of exploration, we leave the White Continent in our wake with a lifetime's worth of memories and encounters with nature. Heading northward toward South America, our route again goes through the Drake Passage, bound for Ushuaia. Additional onboard lectures by regional experts wrap up our adventure and provide additional insight into the natural and astonishing world we're bidding adieu.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 14:

More cruising, and farewell festivities

As Day 14 draws to a close, you'll enjoy a Captain's Farewell Cocktail Hour, followed by a delicious four-course dinner to celebrate your last evening onboard.

Included Meals:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

DAY 15:

Celebrate your adventure with one last night in Buenos Aires

We arrive in Ushuaia and disembark the ms Midnatsol after breakfast, then transfer to the airport for our charter flight to Buenos Aires, where we enjoy one final night at leisure. Or, celebrate you last evening with a fiery optional tango show and dinner for an authentic Buenos Aires experience you won’t soon forget!.

Included Meals:

Optional Tour: Tango Argentina Evening

Tango Argentina Evening

  • Approximate Cost: $119 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 5 hours
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • When: Includes Dinner & Show

Argentina is the birthplace of tango, and a visit to Buenos Aires without seeing an authentic tango show would be unforgivable. The rich sounds and warm atmosphere will charm you as you enjoy an included meal and one of the most popular tango shows in Buenos Aires.

The tango and dinner show takes place in one of the most traditional clubs of Buenos Aires: El Viejo Almacen (“the old general good store”). In contrast to other more touristy tango-houses, here you’ll see the tango being danced in its purest form. International tango in ballroom tango generally steers towards a more showy and overstated style, going for the effect and not the form. The style of tango you’ll see here is how porteños (“port people”) dance the tango — the way the Argentine experts are dancing it today. 

DAY 16:

Final moments in Buenos Aires before flying home

After breakfast, we have the day at leisure to explore Buenos Aires. If you wish, you may join an optional boat tour of the Tigre Delta, a scenic island-dotted waterway where the great Rio de Plata makes its final rush to the open waters of the ocean. At a staggering 5,405 square miles, the delta was named for its jaguars, locally called tigers.

This evening, we transfer to the airport and board an overnight flight home to the U.S.

Optional Tour: Tigre Delta Cruise

Tigre Delta Cruise

  • Approximate Cost: $119 USD per person
  • Approximate Time: 4 hours
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • When: Half-day tour

This tour takes you toward the northern residential areas of Buenos Aires, where you’ll learn about the suburban way of life and experience the very strong British connections in the sports and the traditions of this area before heading to Tigre for a cruise along the canals of the delta. Located on the Parana Delta, which covers a surface of 8,700 square miles with its own subtropical microclimate, this area features an entire neighborhood built on hundreds of islands. Along the delta, there is an intricate wilderness of rivers, canals and islands. Once the summer retreat for the aristocracy, Tigre maintains the glamour of the Belle Epoque in its monumental casino, family residences and colorful rowing clubs. Don’t miss your chance to experience this absolutely unique part of Buenos Aires.

Important Notice: The above day-by-day itineraries are preliminary and therefore subject to change. If changes occur while on tour, you will be notified by your Vantage Expedition Leader or regional expert.

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Unspoiled Antarctica: Adventure to the White Continent - 2018

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