Coastal Norway: The World's Most Beautiful Voyage - 2018

Norway • Arctic Circle • Full Northbound and Southbound Sailing
  • Tour of Bergen
  • Tour of Trondheim
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What to Expect
Moderate activity level
Somewhat Different Cultural Immersion

Each Vantage Adventure is designed to help you fully experience local culture and to get out and explore while keeping active. We find these are the two most fulfilling and rewarding ways to transform any trip into an adventure, and into the experience of a lifetime. To that end, we’ve rated each trip to indicate the level of cultural immersion and physical activity, with “1” being the lowest and “3” being the highest. 

PACING: This 14-day Norwegian adventure is moderately paced, with a 11-night Northbound cruise voyage and 2 nights in hotels. 

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Most sightseeing is on air-conditioned / heated coaches with guides. Some optional shore excursions, included sightseeing, and included port of call orientation walking tours require walking on uneven terrain. Embarking and disembarking the ship also requires a fair bit of walking.

CULTURAL FOCUS: This program offers great cultural opportunities to experience the local way of life away from the bustle of the cities, and to learn about Norwegian history and culture through the onboard discussions and port-of-call walking tours with your Adventure Leader. Travelers will be served typical Norwegian cuisine aboard ship. The rugged people of Norway have long been among of the world's most intrepid fishermen, going out in all seasons to fish the rich northern Atlantic waters, so you'll find seafood on the menu quite often, including at breakfast. In addition, Norway's northern latitude, with it's long, intense summer days but relatively short growing season, means that Norwegians have developed truly creative ways to get the most from the land, including growing root vegetables and using pickling and preserving to produce some truly inspired side dishes and garnishes. Breakfast and lunch buffets onboard offer a variety of choices, while dinners are generally a set menu, consisting of fish, such as Arctic char, or meat dishes, such as venison, steak, lamb, or chicken, and always include a salad or vegetables. You also have the option of substituting the main course on the menu for pasta, soup, or a sandwich. 

HIKING OPPORTUNITIES: For those looking to explore the incredible nature of this region further, Hurtigruten now offers a Hiking Pass for more active travelers. Soak in the astonishing seclusion and unspoiled natural landscapes that make Norwegian fjordland one-of-a-kind as you embark on a series of guided hikes with a member of the expedition team. 


Because your ship is both a working and passenger vessel, your ship mates will be a mix of local and international travelers. This gives you the unique experience of connecting with not only Scandinavians, but people from across the globe as well. Though they are working ships, the Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage ships look and feel like cruise ships. Most are outfitted with art-filled public areas, exercise rooms, saunas, hair dryers in the cabins, elevators, and stabilizers. Unlike traditional cruises, however, there is no organized entertainment on board: Mother Nature is the entertainer! Think of this as your alternative to the traditional cruise. Entertainment may be featured in the lounge on occasion, however; check with your Adventure Leader for specifics. Though you stop in many ports, sightseeing time may be limited. 

Other factors to keep in mind:
  • Distilled water is not available aboard ship.
  • Internet service is limited, and at times unavailable.
  • Embarking and disembarking, all ports, requires navigating 20 to 30 steps, which may be difficult for slow walkers.
  • Handling luggage at disembarkation: Due to the setup of the docking facilities in Bergen, travelers may be required to carry their own luggage from the disembarkation point to the motorcoach, a two- or three-minute walk.
  • Although much of our cruising takes place in protected waters, other times our route takes us into open ocean water, which can be quite rough. If you're at all prone to motion sickness, we strongly recommend you bring medication for seasickness.


Clearing customs in Norway: Note that you must clear customs in Oslo before transferring to your Bergen flight. This will require that you claim your luggage in Oslo, go through Norwegian customs, then recheck it for the Bergen flight. Failure to do so, however, often results in long delays for luggage arrival in Bergen, plus a charge to transport it to the ship. 

Temperatures in northern Norway will change during the course of the voyage and perhaps throughout the day. To prepare, the cruiseline recommends layered dress to allow you to adapt to changes, as well as breathable rain and windproof clothing. Be sure to have a good outer jacket over normal clothes. It is important to have good, sturdy walking shoes and hat, etc. for shore excursions, included sightseeing, and port of call orientation walking tours. A helpful hint — you may want to bring an extra pair of waterproof walking shoes for comfort!

DINING GUIDELINES IN NORWAY: General sales tax (VAT) which is 14% on food and 25% on non-food items. Here are some general guide-lines regarding every-day prices:

Glass of beer in a restaurant - $10 - $11
Glass of wine in a restaurant - $13 upwards
Dinner for 2 in a modest restaurant (an entrée plus soda) - $65 - $70
Coffee and pastry in a cafe - $10
Cappuccino / Caffe latte: $6 - $7
American or English newspaper - $7.50
Pizza for one - $22 - $25
Burger meal (Burger King or McDonalds) - $15 - $18
Postage to the US (postcard) - $2

In regular restaurants (one step up from a modest restaurant), a lunch will cost in the region of $25 - $30. A dinner starter will cost around $25 - $30 and an entrée around $45 - $50. Something light, like a Caesar salad, will cost around $28 while a soup will cost around $20.

On your ship, prices will be similar to those on land, with a coffee outside of meal times costing $4.50 and $3.50 for a refill, tea costing $4.25, beer $10, house wine $13 and a soda for around $6.

Important Notice: The above day-by-day itineraries are preliminary and therefore subject to change. If changes occur while on tour, you will be notified by your Vantage Adventure Leader or regional expert.

Please Note: Port-of-call orientation walking tours are subject to change based on port time and weather conditions.

Hiking passes from Hurtigruten are available for purchase onboard for the cruise portion of your adventure.

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Coastal Norway: The World's Most Beautiful Voyage - 2018

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Journey Coastal Norway: The World's Most Beautiful Voyage Fjord Cruise & Lapland: Norway, Finland & the Arctic
Price without Air* $3,899 $5,695 Save $3592 per couple
Trip Length 14 days 15 days Best value & most comprehensive Norway itinerary!
Per Diem $278 per day $388 Lower price per day — save $220 per couple per day!
Itinerary 11 nights northbound & southbound full cruise along Norway coast (Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage Ship). Plus 2 days in Bergen in a luxury hotel! 2 nights Oslo, 1 night Flam, 2 nights Bergen, 6 nights cruise (Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage Ship), 2 nights Ivalo, 2 nights Helsinki The only company to offer full northbound/southbound cruise for a more in-depth Norway experience!
Sightseeing & Exclusive Features 9 included tours such as Old Town Bryggen, Tromso, Russian border visit, Arctic Circle crossing Opportunities to customize your trip with optional tours Myriad hiking opportunities 6 informative lectures 12 included tours, such as Sami family visit, Home-Hosted Dinner, World War II cave shelter visit, whaling & seal hunting lecture Save the most with included Hurtigruten shore excursions!
Meals 36 meals 38 meals
FREE Single Supplement FREE single supplement on all dates in category J (limited availability) Single Supplement $1,595 Best value for solo travelers! Vantage offers FREE Single Supplements
Extend Your Trip 5-days ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, $1,649 $330 per day Stockholm, Sweden, 4 days from $1,495 Copenhagen, Denmark: 5 days from $1,695 Best value and lower price per day to extend your discovery of Scandinavia!
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