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See the "Picture Perfect" Photo Contest Entries!

Voting Begins February 22, 2016. Winners will be announced during the week of March 1, 2016.

How the voting works:
Voting is open to anyone interested in travel and photography, included entering photographers and their friends and families. You may cast one vote during each 24-hour period during the seven-day voting period. In other words, you may vote for up to seven photographs during that period.

Q: Who gets to vote?
A: Anyone may vote, including Vantage travelers and their family and friends. Vantage employees vote, too. When voting goes live, you can share your photo with your friends and family on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook icon next to your photo.

Q: How many photos can I vote for?
A: One photograph per 24-hour period.

Q: How do I find a specific photo in the gallery?
A: Type the photographer's name or other identifier in the search field to find a photo.

Q: I uploaded a photo, how come I don't see it?
A: All photo entries are subject to internal review before being posted to the gallery. Please allow two weeks for your photo(s) to be reviewed.

Q: Do I have a better chance of winning if I enter more photos?
A: Quality counts, not quantity. Last year's Grand Prize winner entered far fewer photos than many other contestants. You'll up your chances for success by entering only your very best shots. Note that entries are limited to a maximum of five photos.

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