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Experience the Future of Cruising on Vantage’s Newest Small Ship Ocean Cruising Expedition Vessel

2022 Ocean Odyssey Inaugural Season Journeys — NOW OPEN!

If you haven’t yet experienced the indulgences of a small ship voyage, now is your chance to secure your first choice of departures and cabins as our inaugural season journeys begin to open for reservation. Here is where you’ll find new itineraries as they become available, so keep an eye on this page and check back often to make sure you don't miss out on your dream journey.

When you’re ready, give us a call at 1-800-322-6677 to book your trip of a lifetime on the new 5-star Ocean Odyssey!

Welcome to a brand-new season of cruising! In 2022, the 5-star Ocean Odyssey makes its debut on the world’s seas, following in the footsteps of its sister ship, the Ocean Explorer. A new ship means new destinations, so set your sights on Bali, Montenegro, Croatia, the U.S. Great Lakes, Colombia, and more!

For those who believe there can never be a true synergy between luxury travel and expedition cruising, the Ocean Odyssey defies expectations. Fine dining, small passenger-to-crew ratio, spa amenities and services await onboard — along with adventures like small-group wildlife viewing, biking, kayaking and paddle-boarding offshore. What’s more, this vessel features the latest satellite and navigation technology, including ULSTEIN X-BOW® technology, allowing for smoother sailing and deeper exploration into packed ice, enhancing your comfort as you traverse the globe.

Be enraptured during curated lectures, programs, musical performances, and cultural events held in the multilevel lounge, relax by the swimming pool, or catch a movie on the outdoor movie screen. Our onboard Concierge will cater to your every need, both pre-trip and during the cruise.

Plus, with convenient back-to-back options, you can put two or three cruises together for the ultimate adventure!

Here’s what else:
  • Enjoy an intimate cruising experience with just 77 cabins, including a landmark number of solo cabins, and a maximum capacity of 162 travelers
  • The latest satellite and navigation capabilities, including ULSTEIN X-BOW® technology
  • State-of-the-art safety technology, Polar Code 6 compliant (as rated by the International Association of Classification Societies to ensure safety in polar waters), and fully compliant with the latest SOLAS requirements in expedition cruising
  • A culinary program offering gourmet dining and regional fare, with wine and beer included at dinner
  • Multi-story lounge and lobby
  • Top deck observation deck for gatherings, lecturers, performances, and more
  • Health and wellness options including: onboard spa, swimming pool, and fitness center
  • Outdoor movie screen
  • Curated lectures, programs, musical performances, and cultural events
  • Small passenger-to-crew ratio, plus onboard Concierge
  • Knowledgeable expedition staff by region
  • Onboard medical doctor
  • Boutique
  • Separate, intimate dining space for special events (available upon request)
  • Environmentally friendly standards with reduced emissions into air and sea and lower energy consumption
Ocean Odyssey Deck Plan

East Asia: Malaysia, Sri Lanka & Beyond — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!


Travel from the “Lion City” (Singapore) to the “Maximum City” (Mumbai, India), immersing yourself in a dazzling collection of Asian cultures along the way. Art, architecture, nature, religion, cuisine — this is a cruise that thrills with its abundance of traditional heritage and modern spectacle.

Across the Arabian Sea: Mumbai to Dubai — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!

Asia, Middle East

Traverse the Arabian Sea on an eclectic voyage that showcases everything from India’s energy to Dubai’s opulence. You’ll travel from dynamic destination to another on this journey — including Porbandar, Muscat, Doha, and more — delving into everything from urban gems to undulating dunes.

Around the Arabian Peninsula: Dubai to Amman — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!

Middle East

With one foot in the mists of its Arabian past and one planted firmly in the future, The Emirates are unlike any other. On this cruise in the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea, you’ll explore traditions before oil was discovered in this region and changed the globe forever.

Eastern Mediterranean Crossing: The Holy Land, Greek Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt & the Suez Canal — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!

Middle East, The Mediterranean

On this culturally diverse itinerary, you’ll explore some of the Mediterranean’s most enviable destinations — Greece and Israel — alongside Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt.

Mediterranean Delights: Greece, Italy, France, Monaco, and Spain — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!

The Mediterranean, Europe

This glamorous cruise will usher you to Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and to Monaco’s hedonistic shores. Channel your inner James Bond in Monte Carlo, let Gaudí’s architecture transport you in Barcelona, discover Pompeii and pizza in Italy, and more.

Spain & the Portuguese Coast: A Cruise Around Iberia — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!


Iberia — all at once iconic and intriguing — beckons on this new cruise that presents the diverse cultures and traditions of Spain and Portugal.

Lisbon to London: A Coastal Odyssey — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!


Embark on your own Age of Discovery on an expedition from Lisbon to London that includes explorations into the hidden gems and overlooked ports of France and Spain.

The Beauty of the British Isles — NOW OPEN FOR 2022!


Smoky whiskeys . . . prehistoric settlements . . . the distinctive tone of bagpipes . . . the rich, rolling fields of the British countryside . . . all of this — and more — awaits you on a new expedition to the United Kingdom and British Isles.

Pearls of Greece and the Dalmatian Coast

The Mediterranean, Europe

Bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, swim in crystal-clear Adriatic waters, and immerse yourself in enchanting history on this cruise around the Greek peninsula, Montenegro, Croatia, and northeastern Italy. With an abundance of local culinary and cultural experiences, this is a journey that will enrich your senses — and your soul.

Jewels of Scandinavia & the Baltics


From St. Petersburg’s palaces to islands Bornholm and Gotland, discover the most beguiling Baltic and Scandinavian countries on a brand-new expedition vessel.

The British Isles and Scandinavian Gems


Venture to the northern reaches of Europe to uncover mist-shrouded landscapes, elusive wildlife, Celtic and Viking lore, and modern Scandinavian charm. You’ll weave through islands and fjords — and delight in endless summer days — on this one-of-a-kind expedition through the British Isles, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Charting the Indonesian Archipelago: Singapore to Bali


What better way to explore the world’s largest island nation than by sea? Beginning in cosmopolitan Singapore, you’ll sail to Kalimantan’s rivers and jungles, Java’s paradisiacal mangroves and beaches, and Bali’s lush rice terraces. . . all while riding on the waves of song, dance, and hospitality from Indonesia’s 300-odd ethnic groups.

Coral Triangle Treasures: Bali to Darwin


Discover one of the planet’s richest and most diverse marine habitats in this expedition into the Coral Triangle, known as the “Amazon of the Seas.” Be enchanted by the diverse local cultures of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and let nature astound you with pink beaches, crystal-clear waters, and perhaps even a sighting of the king of the lizards: The Komodo Dragon!

Across the Eastern Hemisphere: Singapore to Croatia

Asia, Middle East, The Mediterranean

Discover the cultures, religions, histories, and cuisines of half the globe on this veritable odyssey that takes you from Singapore all the way to Zagreb. Along the way, visit Malaysia; Thailand’s tropical paradise, Phuket; India; Oman; United Arab Emirates; the Greek isles; and the Croatian resort town of Hvar, to name but a few!

Empires and Cultural Treasures: Singapore to Athens

Asia, Middle East, The Mediterranean

Setting off from Singapore, delve into the cultures of Southeast Asia, India, and the Arabian Peninsula before heading into Mediterranean countries like Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey. Along the way, enjoy overnight excursions in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle and in Luxor, Egypt! These special inland excursions were designed to authentically immerse you in the majesty of these destinations — and do them justice, too.

Spice Route Sojourn: Singapore to Dubai

Asia, Middle East

Malaysia, mosques, Mahatma Gandhi. From Thailand’s swoon-worthy beaches to the towering skyscrapers of the United Arab Emirates, you’ll explore an all-star array of countries, cities, panoramas, religions, cuisine, and cultures on a journey that’s as immersive as it is utterly transformative. Setting off from Singapore, discover 8 nations — Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates — while being pampered with luxury aboard the Ocean Odyssey.

Exploration from East to West: Mumbai to Trieste

Asia, Middle East, The Mediterranean

Get your fill of history on this springtime cruise from Mumbai all the way to Zagreb. Uncover Gandhi’s roots in Porbandar. Discover the tiny Emirati nation of Fujairah. Embark on a dhow cruise in Oman. Stay overnight at a 5-star resort in Luxor, Egypt, where the treasures of pharaohs live on in the Valley of Kings. Then, head into the Mediterranean with visits to several stunning Greek isles — including Mykonos, Santorini, and Corfu — and Croatia’s gorgeous Dalmatian Coast.

Timeless Civilizations: India to Greece

Asia, Middle East, The Mediterranean

Uncover the ancient dynasties that gave rise to modern civilization. Setting off from India, you’ll explore the Arabian Peninsula, where culture and the history of human migration can be traced back more than 125,000 years. Explore the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman, where you’ll hear a lecture from a female resident on modern life. Cross the Suez Canal into Egypt, where an overnight stay in Luxor brings to life pharaonic treasures, before the glittering Mediterranean ushers in ancient history and mythology along the Greek isles.

Fortunes & Empires: India, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Red Sea

Asia, Middle East

Soaring temples and skyscrapers comingle on this historical small ship journey into the hearts of India and the Arabian Peninsula. From Dubai’s soaring Burj Khalifa to the resilient ruins of Luxor, relive the rise and fall of fortunes and empires, learn the captivating histories of these regions, and lose yourself in the stark architectural contrasts and stunning beauty of destinations including Doha, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Eilat, and Amman.

Wonders of Indonesia & Australia

South Pacific, Asia

Experience the wonder Down Under on a cruise through the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea into the heart of the Coral Triangle and northern Australia. Setting off from Singapore and ending in Darwin, gateway to stunning Kakadu National Park, you’ll get a thorough understanding of Indonesia and its cultures as you explore the paradisiac Belitung Islands, fascinating Java, impossibly beautiful Bali, and rugged Komodo. In addition to enriching culture, you’ll enjoy ample opportunities for water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and more.

Along the Adriatic & Mediterranean Seas

The Mediterranean, Europe

Cruise into some of the most scenic European destinations right in the peak of summer. Experience coastal Croatia in Hvar, Pula, and Sibenik. Head to Greece for ancient delights in Monemvasia and Nafplion. In Sicily, uncover Greek relics in Syracuse and Taormina. Find your bliss in Corsica and Monaco, playground of the wealthy. Then, round out your cruise in the South of France and Barcelona. This voyage is truly the stuff made of dreams!

Ultimate European Collection: Croatia to Denmark

The Mediterranean, Europe

This combo tour couldn’t get any more magnificent. You’ll see a majority of Europe right at the start of summertime, when crowds are fewer and the weather couldn’t be better. Setting off from Croatia, fall in love with its Dalmatian Coast, arguably Europe’s most scenic stretch of shoreline. Then, visit Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, the British Isles, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark’s Faroe Islands and its capital, Copenhagen — the reluctant end of your truly monumental 71-day journey!

Riches of Southern Europe: Croatia to Portugal

The Mediterranean, Europe

This 40-day journey brings you into the heart of Southern Europe in summertime. Discover cobblestoned Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia’s gorgeous seaside getaway. Aboard the new Ocean Odyssey, you’ll make ancient discoveries along Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula, find cultural treasures in Sicily, visit the South of France — and that’s just a small sampling! Along the way, get to the true heart of each destination with riveting cultural encounters, including a home-hosted dinner at a family bull farm in Seville, and more!

European Grand Voyage: Zagreb to Stockholm

The Mediterranean, Europe

A trip of a lifetime is a subjective thing … unless it’s Vantage’s European Grand Voyage. This 81-day voyage begins in Croatia and culminates in Stockholm, featuring a pantheon of cultural encounters and experiences, as well as bucket-list destinations such as the British Isles, Sicily, and Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. You’ll get a comprehensive view of Scandinavia and the Baltics, with visits to Norway, Denmark and its Faroe Islands, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Sweden. Plus, trace the Iberian Peninsula and spend two days in Bordeaux for Michelin-starred dining and wine, wine, wine!

Ancient Ports & Urban Capitals: Dubai to Zagreb

Middle East, The Mediterranean

Be awed by the wealth and futuristic architecture of the United Arab Emirates — your starting point on this enthralling cruise that takes you to fascinating new cities and historical towns. Discover frankincense and the ancient ruins of Khor Rori in Oman. Stay overnight at a 5-star resort in Luxor, where pharaonic treasures beckon along the Nile. Cross the Suez Canal into Israel and Cyprus. Follow in the footsteps of Jackie O in Mykonos. Then, uncover Croatia’s Adriatic paradise, the Dalmatian Coast, and its cobblestoned capital, Zagreb.

Grand European Explorer: Zagreb to London

The Mediterranean, Europe

Set off from Croatia on this 50-day voyage that takes you through 9 other nations: Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, and England. This is a comprehensive journey, with epic Cultural Discoveries: Dine at a family’s bull farm in Seville. Experience a full-day exploration of the UNESCO-listed Santiago de Compostela, one of the most sacred places in the world for Christian pilgrims. Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Syracuse in Sicily. And so much more!

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