On-demand commentary makes your trip more enriching!

New technology makes it easier for you to learn about your dream destinations

Vantage's Quietvox headsets already make listening to your Cruise Director's on-the-ground commentary a breeze. But now there's even more to benefit from thanks to improved technology that lets you play additional audio commentary on demand. Say you're awake earlier than your traveling companion and want to learn more about what you're seeing as you glide down Europe's storied waterways when they're still dozing. This is your chance! Simply head to a common area, such as the Sun Deck or Lounge on the ms Voyager, ms Venture, ms Splendor, or ms Douro Serenity, and turn your device on. The GPS-triggered receiver will emit both visual and vibrating signals when a point of interest is near, so you can listen to the commentary as simply as listening to a telephone. We also provide earpieces, or feel free to bring your own headset from home!

Please note: Triggered commentary services are available on base trips only (excludes extensions) on the Rhine, Main, Moselle, and Danube rivers.

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