The Lewis/Gordon Building

The Vantage Foundation - along with its sponsor, Vantage Travel, is proud to have raised the necessary funds for the expansion and improvement of West End House facilities. In 2002, the Club opened the new Lewis/Gordon Building - a 38,000 square foot facility accommodating 2,000 children and 250 adult members on a full-time basis.

The building helps meet the expanding needs of the Club and the community by providing a larger learning center, a new technology lab, a new teen center, upgraded pool and gymnasium, and much more. In addition, the new Lewis Gordon Building features a kids' café - a facility that provides free hot meals daily to children who are not afforded the luxury of three square meals at home. The number of meals served annually is in excess of 85,000!

This project has received unanimous praise from the Allston community and from the City of Boston. Vantage is proud to support this project and the youth of the West End House. It's just one way that Vantage is working to make our community, and our world, a better place.

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