Family Travel with Vantage

Imagine tracing your family’s roots in Israel. Standing in awe in front of Mount Rushmore or peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Going on safari and witnessing spectacular wildlife up close that most families only watch together on nature shows. Nothing brings us closer than sharing those moments of wonder, beauty, and connection that define travel at its best. Now, we invite you and your loved ones — children, parents, siblings, grandkids, cousins, and more — to come together for the experience of a lifetime on a Vantage Family Adventure. These family-inspired itineraries are designed to create genuine bridges to the people and places you encounter as your family learns together, discovers together, and creates fun-filled memories for years to come. And because we handle the travel details for you, all you have to do is enjoy every moment with your family.

Why Travel Together with Vantage:

Accommodations built for traveling together

Whether you're traveling with just your children or with the entire family, we've got a great value for you. Vantage Adventures now offers triple- and quad-occupancy rooms on select river, small ship, and land journeys, so you and your family can create lasting memories together every step of the way. Add a third or fourth guest to your room on select journeys, and save thousands! 

Special itineraries designed for all ages

We have plenty of ways to satisfy a variety of tastes and multigenerational interests. What's more, we've enhanced select adventures with kid-friendly activities, from zipline races and scenic river float trips to a Wild West Shootout performance along the Grand Canyon, so younger members in your group won't miss a moment of adventure (and neither do you!)

The best family value

Exclusive cultural connections. Experienced trip leaders. Quality accommodations. Unbeatable value. Your Vantage Family Adventure includes just about everything you’ll need for an unforgettable adventure for a very affordable cost. Now, thanks to our added savings for multigenerational groups, it's more affordable than ever to open the world up to your grandson, granddaughter, and the rest of the clan. With our group incentives, you can create special trips for family and friends and save money in the process: bring 10 travelers,
and the 11th is free!

Private adventures

Vantage Adventures now offers new Private Safaris — the opportunity to embark on a thrilling African journey with just your companions. A private safari is enhanced precisely because it’s private — each moment is more personal, and every experience is an opportunity for shared connection to each other and to this rugged, timeless land. And since you and your group are the sole focus of your Adventure Leader’s attention, it will feel as if Africa’s wilds have been reserved just for you.

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