UPDATE: Beginning with 3/26/22 departures, vaccinations against COVID-19 – including a Booster shot – are NOW required for all travelers and Vantage associates (ship crew, Expedition Team, Cruise Directors, Program Managers, etc.). For additional information, click here or visit our Safe Travels Initiative page.

Travel while protecting our planet’s future

Navigating the world’s waterways toward a bright future, our new small ships embrace the flow of greener, more eco-friendly ingenuities. Our small ships are outfitted with ULSTEIN X-BOW® technology, which improves vessel movement to encourage less fuel consumption — a win-win for our surrounding environment. Plus, the GPS dynamic positioning system eliminates the need for using anchors and potentially harming sensitive seafloors. When it comes to waste, the advanced treatment system onboard works to reduce emissions, noise, and vibrations, so marine animals will not be disturbed — and you can hopefully spot local wildlife while protecting their natural habitats!

Not to mention, we've taken extra steps to ensure the protection of Antarctica on our expeditions by being proud members of both the Association of Antarctica Tour Operators and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators. We've met the requirements as a responsible, environmentally friendly, and safe method to experience and explore our southernmost continent.

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