China Office

Office Location: Beijing

Regional General Manager: Mengzhu Xie

Oversees: Asia/South Pacific Small Ship Cruises and Escorted Land Tours

Helping Travelers See the Richest Details

Mengzhu Xie loves nothing better than helping Vantage travelers understand the complex cultures and histories of China – and the entire Asia-South Pacific region that she oversees. She's been doing just that for 25 years. An alumnus of a tourism school in Beijing, she spent several years as a guide and host to visitors, then went on to the marketing side of the business, and has since worked as a buyer and Regional General Manager for Vantage.

"To appreciate countries with such varied and rich pasts – like India, Cambodia, or Australia – you have to slow down," she says. "Asia especially is so different for American travelers and it's easy for the details to pass you by." When she meets Vantage travelers, this is one of the first things she tells them. "You don't want to go home from such a thrilling destination and feel like you missed something."

Our Local Presence Gives You Invaluable Insight

Mengzhu works with her team of Program Managers to bring out the finer points of Asia and the South Pacific. At a street market in Guilin, China, for instance, travelers are encouraged to leisurely browse the stalls and chat with the vendors, even if by gesturing with their hands. In Sydney, Australia, Program Managers tell the colorful history of the Rocks District, showing visitors that it's more than just another seaside quarter. And one of her favorite moments is seeing the look of wonder on travelers' faces when they climb onto elephants in India.

Mengzhu's Secrets to the Best Memorable Journeys

  • Caring, expert Program Managers who are as excited to share their country as Vantage travelers are to see it
  • Ample Cultural Connections that encourage travelers to interact with locals, for a more intimate view of Asia and the South Pacific
  • Working to provide the best value in deluxe travel by keeping trip costs as low as possible
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