US Office

Office Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Oversees: Vantage’s entire line of Memorable Journeys

Our Flagship Office: Where Memorable Journeys Begin

From Vantage’s worldwide Boston headquarters, we have our finger on the pulse of the world, from South Africa to Budapest, from Argentina to China. Our U.S.-based travel professionals in Boston are in daily contact with our entire team of travel experts around the globe. Together, we combine our industry knowledge and local expertise to fine-tune your trip to the smallest detail, making it the most Memorable Journey you can imagine.

Our Boston staff also monitors the progress of your journey and provides information, tools, and intensive training to our Program Managers that help them deliver an unforgettable experience to you.

Working Behind the Scenes

What’s more, we work hard to help you prepare for your trip so you’ll have a worry-free experience. Before you even leave home, our Boston Operations staff takes care of all the logistical details – reservations, air itineraries, ticketing – that are so crucial to your journey. Plus, each week, the Boston office meets face-to-face with our overseas Regional Managers by video conference to discuss how to make your journeys run as smoothly as possible. And twice a year or more, Regional Managers and overseas travel planners join us in Boston as we delve into the exciting business of designing new Memorable Journeys. What’s more, after you return from your journey, we review your post-trip surveys here in Boston and pass your input to our overseas offices.

Our Boston travel planners are also passionate about our North America Memorable Journeys! That’s why they work hard to show you the best that Canada and the United States have to offer, from the wilds of Alaska and the Yukon to French-flavored Quebec to our magnificent national parks.

We’re Here for You!

When you call our toll-free Reservations and Customer Service numbers, you’re connected to a trained and courteous member of our call center team right here in Boston at 90 Canal Street. Their inside knowledge of Vantage’s Memorable Journeys is sure to give you peace of mind as you plan your trip!

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