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The Vantage Adventures Experience

Small Groups for Personal Connections
The scent of lemongrass and ginger wafting as you chat with your warm Vietnamese hosts in their home … a Kenyan woman showing you how she helps run a crafts shop that has a social conscience … an invigorating hike down a Peruvian hillside dotted with Incan ruins leads you to the heart of colonial Cuzco. Welcome to Vantage Adventures, where rich cultural exchanges, active explorations and unmatched value are part of every itinerary.

Just 18-24 Travelers…Guaranteed!
On every Vantage Adventure, we do far more than visit the world's most magnificent destinations. We immerse ourselves in them. Our small group size of just 18-24 (18-26 on Small Ship Adventures) frees us to explore with a flexibility that larger groups can't match. We can move around more easily and venture off the tourist-worn paths to connect with the true soul of our destination – its people – during cultural exchanges in local homes, fascinating lectures, mingling at village markets and more.

Do More Than Just Travel…Broaden Your World
If you're traveling to China, of course you'll want to see the Great Wall. And the Sydney Opera House is a must for any visitor to Australia. But these iconic landmarks only tell part of the story –Vantage Adventures tell the rest. For instance, your Asia trip will include a trek to a "wild" section of the Great Wall where most Westerners have not been. And explore during a unique "Dreamtime" walk with an Aboriginal host through one of Australia's lush rainforests. Our itineraries are rich in opportunities to truly connect with local culture and explore the natural beauty of the world up close. And you'll end each day in luxury, at one of our select luxury hotels or aboard a privately chartered small ship.

A Full and Rich Itinerary
Because our group is so small, we can cover a lot of ground, but not at a breakneck speed. We spend a little more time at each of our destinations, so you get the most out of your experience. And if you like a dash of adventure, you'll love riding a cyclo through the streets of Phnom Penh or bargaining with locals at Lhasa's Tibetan market on Barkhor Street … mingling with fishermen on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya or hiking among the breathtaking massifs of Chilean Patagonia.

Vantage Adventures by Land…
Our adventures provide so much more than your standard tour. To be sure, we can connect to cultures and people in a more intimate fashion. What's more, during our land tours, there's no need to wait for dozens of others to board a bus. With just a few of us, we're more agile and flexible and can make the best use of our time. We also have many opportunities — both planned and spontaneous — to truly connect to the culture and marvel at the beauty of your destination. This is especially meaningful when you're exploring the magnificence of New Zealand's Milford Sound; the safari reserves of Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa; or the cultural riches of Bali and South America.

…and by Small Ship
Our small ships take us where larger ships can't. This privilege is priceless, as you'll learn during our tours by river and by sea – whether we drop anchor along a family of frolicking sea lions in the Galapagos or disembark quayside with a world of cafes, shops, and seaside charm at our feet. And along the world's great rivers, we'll witness a side of daily life hidden from those who stay on land, from Myanmar's temple-lined Irrawaddy River to the breathtaking gorges of China's Yangtze.
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