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Authentic Culture

Small Groups, Larger Than Life Experiences
She leads you gingerly to her desk, this Tanzanian schoolgirl with handmade beads in her hair. She points to a sheet of paper where she has written in large, slanted letters, "Welcome to my village." When you read it aloud with a smile, a wide grin blossoms on her face and you are overcome with joy. "Welcome," she says and giggles, covering her mouth. You have gazed upon Tanzania's endless plains here. But this exchange is more precious to you than all of Africa.

The Most Authentic Cultural Immersion
If you want to get the most out of your journey, you'll be glad you found Vantage Adventures. You see, we believe that the small, unexpected moments are the ones you'll always remember…the ones that make travel worthwhile. And our small groups of just 18-24 (18-26 on Small Ship Adventures) allow those moments to emerge naturally. Amazon

In a small group, we can arrive at a schoolhouse, village, or seaside quay without interrupting the daily goings-on. That means you'll get a true and genuine snapshot of what you've come so far to witness — life as it is lived now, in this place, in this moment. You could never attain this authentic glimpse from a larger group.

It's Your World…Experience It Up Close
The most rewarding adventures are those that help you truly connect with local people and learn what makes a place tick – whether a major cultural capital or a rustic artisan's workshop. Our Cultural Discoveries are designed to help you do just that. These unique activities, events and interactions bring you closer than ever to the people and experiences that make your destination so singular.Vietnam

We can arrive discreetly at a tiny Burmese pottery village and enjoy quiet conversations with artisans. Learn secrets from our chef one-on-one after his dumpling-making demonstration in Xi'an, China. All in all, we have more time to visit, whether with students at local schools or volunteers at a small local co-operative.

Of course, the food you'll savor says as much about the culture as the people who prepare it. From Peking Duck to Indian curry, from Icelandic herring to lime-infused Peruvian ceviche, culinary discoveries are also on the menu!

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