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Closer to Nature

Go Where Others Can't
You pause from your invigorating hike along a shrub-dotted Galapagos shore to admire a blue-footed booby drying its massive outstretched wings on a warm Galapagos breeze. What an odd and beautiful bird, you think to yourself. You can't help but stare at its turquoise feet. Its wings slap at the sea air, thrumming once, twice, perhaps summoning Darwin himself. You lose track of time as you linger there with your travel mates, taking in this remarkable creature. After a time, you continue on, following the footpath to your next adventure.

Explore Far from the Crowds
The real discoveries lie far from the tourist crowds, so that's where we'll take you. Driven by our spirit of adventure and desire to learn about local culture, we steer clear of the paths that have been worn by so many others. And we cruise aboard small ships that dock in local marinas, at tiny river ports, or close to shore where larger ships could never go. Don't worry — we'll still show you the major landmarks that make your destination special … the Great Wall, the Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu…but we know that the soul of the culture lies within its people and in its wilderness areas far from everyday bustle.

Adventures in Active Exploration
Because we're traveling in such a small group, we have access to stunningly beautiful places that simply don't accommodate large crowds. So while we're in Beijing, we'll venture to a wild section of the Great Wall for a challenging hike and some magnificent scenery that other travelers miss. And in Australia's Daintree National Park, we accompany an Aboriginal guide on a unique and fascinating Dreamtime walking tour into the natural world.

We get to know large cities, too, with active exploration. Touring by foot, we can stop to admire architectural detail, join locals for morning exercise in a green park and enjoy rubbing elbows with locals going about their daily lives — all while staying active and engaged with your destination. In short, our small groups allow us to fully experience the true tempo of a place, meeting the local people and experiencing its less-traveled corners that keep its rhythm. It all adds up to the richest, most enlightening adventure.
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