Traveler Security

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Rest assured – you’re in good hands when you travel with Vantage

Dear Traveler,

"Safety first" is more than just a phrase at Vantage, it's a mantra. We're a family company, and I've instilled in our associates worldwide the importance of something I learned from my family: first things first. Nothing trumps the safety and security of our travelers and employees. We have very strict and specific rules and procedures in place to guide the decisions we make — and all of them are rooted in the health and wellbeing of the people on our journeys.

With more than nearly 35 years in business, we have learned quite a bit about how to ensure our travelers are as safe as possible, and consistently enhance our security measures whenever possible. In this spirit, we wanted to share with you what we do to support our travelers.

Our Action Plan: At Vantage, senior staff members are part of a team that monitors events in our destinations and modifies our journeys and adventures as needed. This team is on call 24/7, and is trained frequently on the newest safety and security measures.

Global Partners & Suppliers:
We have developed a vast network of trusted suppliers — from hotels and activity operators to guide services and transportation companies – that ensure the best support for our travelers should conditions change while you’re abroad. Your accommodations are not only conveniently located, but are also secure, and monitored frequently by our overseas staff.

Travel Protection: We offer a fair cancellation policy as well as comprehensive insurance protection that enables us to better serve our guests when unforeseen events occur.

We know you entrust us with a lot when you decide to travel with Vantage, and it's a responsibility we take seriously. We do our best to make sure everything goes right, but when things happen that are beyond our control, we want you to know we do everything in our power to respond in a way that puts your safety and security first.

The world is constantly changing, but rest assured—Vantage will still offer you the best value and experience in deluxe travel, always. That experience includes putting you at ease to simply enjoy your journey and make lasting memories. We look forward to making them with you soon.


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