Back-to-Back Trips & Multi-Trip Savings

Enhance your travels by taking two trips in one year or taking two or three trips at once. We’ll do the planning, and you’ll do the saving —

starting at $250 per person!

Get the best of both worlds with back-to-back journeys!

You’re already going to be taking a flight, so why not save time and money by taking two or three trips at once? When you combine two trips of your choice back to back, you enjoy Vantage’s exclusive Concierge-level service to plan one comprehensive journey exploring more of your dream region. Say you’re already enjoying the best of Europe in Germany aboard our Rhine Jazz Discovery cruise in the spring and want to add on time in Holland on Tulips in Spring. You’ll already be on board, so you won’t have to leave the river ship or repack! You’ll enjoy savings of $250 per person, too (not combinable with MultiTrip savings).

MultiTrip Savings, before you travel

Enhance your credits by taking two trips in one calendar year. You’ll not only get the standard 5% before departing on your first trip, but save an additional $250 per person on your second tour (or, $350 per person for those who’ve traveled 10 or more times with us!). Say you want to cruise Europe in the summer and go on safari in the fall — you can apply your 5% credit plus your multi-trip discount immediately from your cruise toward your Africa adventure, instead of waiting to accumulate your credits upon return from Europe. That’s better than other competing travel companies that offer loyalty reward programs. It’s easy — you don’t even have to reserve your second trip on the same call, as long as your dream trips depart 90 days or more after the date you book!

These 2 cruises together are all that jazz


Rhine Jazz Discovery

Departure Date:
March 25, 2019


Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring

Departure Date:
April 1, 2019

Put some spring in your step with these 2 tours

Make it a holiday when you put these together

Live your fairytale in Germany . . . and beyond!

Life’s Grand when you put these tours together


Grand European Sojourn

Departure Date:
October 11, 2019


Heart of Germany

Departure Date:
November 5, 2019

Make big discoveries on 2 small ship cruise-tours

Find your North Star on these 2 cruise-tours

*Please note: For MultiTrip Credits to be applied, both reservations must be made 90 days or more prior to departure. Your MultiTrip savings will be accumulated based on the trip you reserve that departs first in the calendar year, not which tour is reserved first. MultiTrip Credits cannot be combined with: on-tour booking savings, if offered; 2-trips-1-call discount; or Back-to-Back savings. Value of Past Traveler Credits and MultiTrip bonus savings applied will not change on MultiTrip bookings even if the earlier departure reservation changes after time of reserving. Frequent Travel Credits and MultiTrip Credits will not be lost if changes are mandated by Vantage. If you cancel the tour for which your travel credits are earned, an additional invoice may be generated. We reserve the right to correct errors.

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