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What are my Your Flight Choice Options, and can I customize my air arrangements with Vantage Travel?
It is Vantage Travels goal to provide you with the Your Flight Choice option that best suits your needs. For this reason, we offer different air programs. When you book your trip with air through Vantage Travel, we automatically prepare a preliminary flight itinerary as soon as flights are available. You may also view this itinerary in your My Porfolio Account. Depending on when you are departing and what flight options you may have already selected with our air department, it may still be possible to personalize and/or upgrade your flights. Here is a summary of the options available to you:

  Tour Only Your Choice Air Customized Your Flight Choice
Overview Your trip price does not include U.S. domestic air, international air, or airport transfers; you'll make your own arrangements. Your trip price includes U.S. domestic/international air on the airline and routing of Your choice Your trip price includes U.S. domestic/international air on any airline and routing of your choice. Options within this program include: Business class/premium economy Custom air requests such as early departures, stopovers, and deviations
Benefit The only option that allows use of miles, points, etc. for your international airfare. The best value and the most flexibility if you need to change or cancel your trip. The widest choice and the ability to personalize your trip based on your individual travel preferences.
Fee/costs No fee No fee $100 per person fee, Free to President's Club members. However, depending on the flights you select, there may be additional costs as determined by the airline(s).
Can I make changes later? Subject to the airline. You must work directly with the airline. Yes, within Vantage's Terms & Conditions or speak with Your Your Flight Choice Specialist for more details. Maybe. Certain options will allow limited changes for additional fees. New flights or new requests are also subject to airline availability.
Can I request Seats in advance?

Yes, but note that the airline will not always give you a seat assignment in advance. Vantage will make the requests to the airline on your behalf, and you can check for confirmation of your seat requests on the Air Itinerary page within My Portfolio

( It is important to note that you DO have a confirmed reservation, even if you don't see a seat assignment on your air itinerary)

If the airline does not pre-assign seats, we recommend that you check in early at the airport and request your preferred seat.

Please note: Bulkhead seating and emergency exit seating cannot be pre-assigned, as airlines need to qualify passengers for those seats at check-in. If you prefer these seats, we strongly recommend that you check in early.

What do I need to know if Vantage Travel makes my air arrangements?

We will create your preliminary air itinerary approximately 5 days after you make your reservation, and send it to you via email. You can also view your itinerary within My Portfolio. Please note that this itinerary is subject to changes by the airlines and their schedules. You'll need to contact us immediately if your first and last names do not appear exactly as they do on your passport.

Based on our routing guidelines, we'll offer you non-stop flights whenever possible, as well as acceptable connection times of no less than two hours and no greater than four hours. To review your choices for air arrangements, please contact one of our Your Flight Choice Specialists at 1-888-782-6824

We'll give you additional options around your routing and airlines, and work with you to create an itinerary that suits your needs.

In general, we strive to offer you the best value possible, and we negotiate special airline contracts—which may contain certain restrictions that affect availability, choice of seats, flights, routes, and/or specific arrival times. While we charge no administration fee to customize your air itinerary, you may be subject to increases in airline costs.

What do I need to do if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Work with your airline to rebook your flight, then call us right away. A Vantage Travel Flight Watch Representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you with your travel needs, including those caused by flight delays or cancellations. After you rebook your flight with your airline, call us with your updated flight information.

Call our Flight Watch staff at 1-888-782-6824 (toll-free) or 1-617-878-6000 (collect calls accepted)

How can Vantage assist me in the unlikely event of a forced overnight stay resulting from airline schedules or from an international flight cancellation or delay?

Sometimes airline schedules require travelers to stay overnight at a nearby airport hotel on the night before their trip is scheduled to begin. In such a case, Vantage will notify you of the required overnight stay and offer to assist you in making your hotel reservations. However, all costs for the additional overnight stay (including hotel, food costs and other expenses) are the responsibility of the traveler.

In the event of a cancelled or delayed flight that forces an overnight stay, travelers are advised to work directly with the airline for reimbursement. Or, if they have purchased Vantage's Travel Protection Plan, travelers can work with TripMate for reimbursement.

Can I upgrade my seats to First Class, Business Class or Premium Economy?

Yes, on participating airlines. Business Class upgrades are available on most Vantage Tours, savings thousands off regular airline retail fares. You may purchase a seating upgrade when you reserve your trip. If you have already reserved your trip, you can request an upgrade simply by logging into My Portfolio or calling our dedicated Your Flight Choice Team at 1-888-782-6824

Please note: Seating upgrades are subject to availability.

Can I view my air routing online?

Simply log into My Portfolio to view your air itinerary choice and to request upgrades or Your Flight Choice deviations.

Can Vantage upgrade my seats to First Class, Business Class or Premium Economy?

Yes. We encourage travelers to make their most of their international airfare and maximize their discoveries. Subject to flight availability, you'll have the option to arrange "break away" airfare at the beginning or end of your adventure—giving you the chance to travel on your own to wherever you choose.

It is important to note that you are responsible for confirming your flights, arranging your airport transports, and arriving at the proper airports for your flights. Additional air charges may also apply. You must request to deviate no later than 60 days prior to departure—confirmation information will become available about 60 days before your departure date.

Can I Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on My Airline Ticket?
Please be aware that frequent flyer mileage accrual is at the sole discretion of the airlines. In order to qualify for consideration, present your frequent flyer number upon check-in at the airport. Each individual airline – not Vantage – determines if frequent flyer miles will be given. Please retain your boarding passes until you receive your frequent flyer statement from the airline. Only boarding passes serve as proof of flight. Boarding passes MUST accompany all ticket information sent directly to the airline. Requests received by Vantage for copies of airline tickets will be assessed an administrative fee.

Please note: Vantage cannot obtain copies of your boarding passes.

Should you decide to use frequent flier miles to purchase a separate ticket to connect with your tour, you do so at your own risk. If the tour changes or cannot operate for any reason, you will be responsible for the cancellation or change fees associated with your ticket. Additionally, you will not be entitled to Travel Protection or Common Carrier insurance through Vantage for the portions of your trip flown on a separate ticket. Further, you will be responsible for the airport/hotel transfers normally provided by a Vantage air and tour package. For more details, read our Tour Participation Agreement.

Will I be met at the airport by a Vantage Travel Representative?

U.S. Departure: If you are among a group of eight or more Vantage Travelers who depart the U.S from your international gateway city, a Vantage Airport rep will assist you at the U.S. airport with the check-in of your flight.

International Arrival: You will be met at the airport after you exit customs by a Vantage Travel representative, and they will escort you to a private motor coach for your transfer to the boat pier or hotel.

If I'm traveling as part of a group, will my whole group be on the same flights?

If your group is traveling from the same city on the same day, we will do our best to accommodate you all on the same flights—but we can't guarantee it.

Note: Your Group Leader will be made aware of your group's flight itinerary, and may choose the itinerary for you.

Who do I contact to reconfirm my flights before I depart?

We recommend that you call your scheduled airline or visit their website within 24 hours of departure to reconfirm that your flight times have not changed.

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