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Do you have friends who love travel as much as you do? Why not be rewarded for it? The Vantage Referral Program allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travelers to us. You can earn up to $6,400 — and even travel for FREE — as a member of this program for Vantage’s most loyal travelers. Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards . . . it’s a true win-win! Here's how it works: For each of the first 7 new travelers you refer, you'll earn up to $200; refer an 8th traveler, and you earn a free trip! The more travelers you refer, the more you earn — it’s that simple. And because earning is unlimited, it’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.


The two-step process will take just a few moments, and you could be on your way to earning cash and free travel!

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Travelers Referred Rewards Earned for each new Traveler* Total Reward Value
8th Free Trip Free Trip*
7th $200 $1,200
6th $200 $1,000
5th $200 $800
4th $200 $600
3rd $200 $400
2nd $100 $200
1st $100 $100


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We’re here to help. If you have questions, see our FAQs or call toll free at 1-888-734-0187. You can also request a call from us.

*Vantage Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Please note following conditions of Vantage’s referral program:
  • Referral program rewards are earned only for referring new Vantage travelers. Anyone you refer must be new to the Vantage mailing list, a first-time referred traveler, and cannot be a member of an affiliate group that arranges travel through Vantage. Referral rewards do not apply to travelers booked under Vantage’s Group Travel or Friends & Family programs. The referral credit cannot be used on priority bookings.
  • To earn a free trip for referring eight travelers to Vantage, all eight must be new to the Vantage mailing list. In addition,  each of the eight referrals must be added to the Vantage mailing list and travel within  a one-year period of being referred to Vantage. The free trip is valued at up to $5,200 and may only be used toward a future trip. It may not be used towards a trip that you have already reserved. Alternatively, you may apply the amount as a credit toward a future Vantage trip of a higher value.
  • Referral rewards are earned 14 business days after the new Vantage traveler departs on his or her first Vantage trip. Both the referrer and the new Vantage Traveler earn rewards at the time the trip is taken, no matter when the new Vantage traveler departs: next year, five years from now, or ten years down the road.
  • There is no limit to the cash and free travel you can earn. Even after earning a free trip, you’ll continue to earn $200 for each new referred traveler. Note that for the eighth traveler, the free trip is the reward; there is no cash reward.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply.
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