Referral Tips & FAQs

Do you have friends who love travel as much as you do? Why not be rewarded for it? The Vantage Referral Program allows you to collect rewards simply by referring new travelers to us. You can earn up to $6,400 — and even travel for FREE — as a member of this program for Vantage’s most loyal travelers. Your friends go on a memorable journey, and you earn rewards . . . it’s a true win-win! Here's how it works: For each of the first 7 new travelers you refer, you'll earn up to $200; refer an 8th traveler, and you earn a free trip! The more travelers you refer, the more you earn — it’s that simple. And because earning is unlimited, it’s a powerful way to benefit from sharing your love of travel.

Tips for Referring New Travelers

There are lots of ways to refer new travelers to Vantage so that you start earning cash and free travel. Here are a few techniques to refer a friend that others have found particularly effective.

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Hold a travel-themed party or get-together
This is a very popular, effective, and fun option! This is a chance to talk about travel and get excited about a new adventure.
Send personalized emails
We’ll help you create an email with links to our top journeys where your friends can learn more about what makes Vantage a great option.
Talk up your trips
Enthusiasm is contagious—when friends see how excited you are about Vantage, they’re bound to get excited, too!
Share Vantage catalogs and refer people to
They’ll have all the information they need to get excited about traveling with Vantage and to choose the right trip for them.
Tell your single friends
Vantage trips offer great values for single travelers, from low single supplements (even FREE on many trips) to "Guaranteed Share Dates." Plus, solo travelers appreciate the fun, convenience, and security of traveling with a Vantage group.
Think about where you meet people in your everyday life
Fitness clubs, country clubs, condo association meetings, farmers’ markets – chances are you run into avid travelers every day and don’t realize it. Bring some cards along and spread the word.
Keep track of your referrals on My Portfolio.
Your My Portfolio personalized account keeps a running total of whom you have referred, whether they have reserved, and how much you’ve earned. This is also where you can see who needs a little nudge to reserve a trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about our Referral Program.

Do I need to sign up for an account?
Anyone who refers a friend to Vantage automatically becomes a member of the Referral Program and is eligible to earn cash and free travel. It's our way of rewarding you for spreading the word about Vantage. If you've referred new travelers in the past, you're already a member.
How do I earn my reward?
It's easy to recruit a friend. Just tell people you know about Vantage Deluxe World Travel and have them provide your name and Customer Number when they reserve their first trip or when they sign up for our catalogs and emails. You'll earn your reward as soon as they depart their first trip. (Please allow 14 business days to process reward checks.)
Can I hold parties to talk about our trips?
Yes, you can! In fact, a get-together with a travel theme is one of the best ways to inspire and recruit friends and increase your rewards. Everyone loves to talk about travel, so a travel-themed party or gathering works best of all. Email us at to get started planning today.
Does my referred traveler have to travel with me?
Absolutely not! Once you recruit a friend, each of you can travel whenever you want — and still share in the rewards. However, when you earn a free trip, it may only be used toward a future trip (not one that you have already reserved).
What if I run out of people to refer to Vantage?
There are more ways to refer new travelers than you might think. It's surprisingly easy to bring up Vantage when chatting with a neighbor, an acquaintance at the gym, or someone you meet at a social gathering — even someone you bump into at the airport during your travels. You'll find that people appreciate the information. Contact a Referral Program representative at 1-888-734-0187. We're happy to provide advice on increasing your referrals.
Is there a limit to how much cash or free travel I can earn?
There is no limit to how many new travelers you refer or the rewards you can earn. Refer a friend now with the simple online referral form or call toll-free, 1-888-734-0187.
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