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Do you have a dream of one day going on an African safari? Cruising past castles on the Rhine? Dancing the tango in Argentina? With Vantage, "one day" can be "right now." Our goal is to make travel for solos as affordable, enriching, safe, and easy as it is for those traveling double-occupancy. Come with us, and you’ll enjoy the best single-traveler values anywhere, as you discover the world in the company of like-minded peers, with a resident expert to lead the way — from start to finish.

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FREE or Low-Cost Single Supplements on All Journeys

Enjoy your own cabin or hotel room, and pay no Single Supplement. Vantage is the only company in the travel industry whose river ships include cabins built specifically for solo travelers, with free Single Supplements. And we offer one free Single Supplement on every departure of our journeys by land. On trips that don’t fall under either category, our Single Supplements easily rival the lowest in travel. Solo travelers are among our most avid fans — join us, and find out why!

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Why travel solo with Vantage?

The best value—guaranteed

Your savings add up fast, thanks to our FREE Single Supplement space on every departure of our Vantage river cruises. The same holds true for our land journeys and our optional pre- and post-trip extensions — a FREE Single Supplement on every departure, first come, first served. Plus, Vantage is the only U.S. travel operator whose river ships (and some small ocean-going ships) offer single-occupancy cabins, with no supplement at all. But even in cases where we do charge a Single Supplement, you’ll find that it’s quite reasonable. Plus, you can still avoid the Single Supplement altogether with our Roommate Matching and FREE Guaranteed Share programs.

Explore the world with interesting friends

Solo travelers love the natural camaraderie that enhances every Vantage group. You all have something in common—you are all Americans with a passion for discovery—and since nearly a third of our guests are singles, you’ll not likely be the only one in your group going it alone. And you’ll never feel alone because there are always ready companions with whom you can explore, enjoy a meal, reflect on the day’s events, and share plenty of laughs. 

Travel carefree with our experienced leaders

When you travel solo with Vantage, you’ll enjoy real peace of mind, thanks to our seasoned Cruise Directors and Adventure Leaders. They facilitate introductions and group activities, manage daily logistics, and generally make sure that you feel comfortable and safe, every step of the way. Plus, because our leaders are residents of the regions they serve, you benefit from their insider expertise. Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands.

Enrichment that lasts a lifetime

Share a meal in the home of a village family. Learn the back story about an important event from a local historian. Try your hand at regional crafts or cooking techniques. Travel with Vantage is about more than seeing the monuments, it’s about meeting the people and learning about their culture through immersive experiences. You’ll share these moments with your new-found travel friends, and enjoy the memories for years to come.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Solo Travel Program.

What kind of Single Supplement will I have to pay?

It may well be that you pay no single supplement at all, if you take advantage of the one FREE Single Supplement space we offer on just about every departure of every Vantage trip. Plus, Vantage is the only company in the travel industry whose river ships (and most of our small ocean-going ships) have single occupancy cabins where there is no supplement at all. For either of these options early reservations are a must because space is limited. But there are still ways to save…. You can request that we find you a same-sex roommate with our Roommate Matching plan; or book a Guaranteed Share date, which eliminates the single supplement whether we find you a roommate or not. Otherwise, we have the lowest single supplements around (we’ve recently reduced our rates), starting at just $1,499. 

Can you match me with a roommate?

Yes we can! Sign up for our FREE Roommate Matching Service, and we will find you a same-sex roommate so you both pay only the double occupancy rate. You’ll pay half the single supplement up front, and when we find you a match your money will be refunded. If we fail to find you a roommate, you travel as a single but only pay 50% of the usual single supplement.

What is the Guaranteed Share all about?

Select river cruises offer a Guaranteed Share date that lets you travel and pay zero single supplement. Reserve one of these dates and you are guaranteed the per-person double occupancy rate—whether we match you with a roommate or not!

How do you help solo travelers prepare for their trips?

After you reserve you’ll receive detailed information about your upcoming trip—a complete day-to-day itinerary, hotel descriptions, packing tips, suggested reading and movies, and much more. Your Tour Director, Cruise Director or Adventure will email you in advance of your departure to introduce him- or herself and ask if you have any questions or special requests. And if you are a woman you will find plenty of great advice in our FREE online booklet, 111 Tips for Women Travelers

How can I connect with travelers before my trip?

Start by joining the conversation at our online Community, which you access via our website. Here you can read, share, and contribute to the interesting travel stories posted on our Viewpoints blog. You can also register with TravelMates, a free service where you can post and browse profiles, connecting with other travelers. It’s a great way to find a potential travel companion or even a roommate to share your next journey. While TravelMates is not yet available in your MyPortfolio account, you can call 1-888-982-6824 and one of our Agents can match you with another traveler on the destination of your choice. You can also see what travelers are talking about on our Facebook page, on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. But the best way to meet Vantage travelers is simply to go on a trip! You are sure to make friendships that will continue long after the journey has ended. 

What kind of support do you provide for solos during their journeys?

Every Vantage journey is led by an experienced Tour Director, Cruise Director, or Adventure Leader. He or she will make sure the journey goes smoothly for everyone. But they always keep a special eye out for our solo travelers, so that you always feel welcome, comfortable, and engaged. Do you need directions to a special shop? Looking for someone to share a taxi? Want some help translating the menu? Your leader will be right there to assist. If you have a special hobby or interest, let them know about it and they will do their best to connect you with others in the group who might share your interest.

Not sure about traveling by yourself? Just go — Vantage takes care of everything and the other people on the tours are great!

Jon Farley , 1st-time traveler

The entire crew was outstanding and as a single traveler I knew right away I was in good hands. From the start of my journey to the end, it was by far one of the best vacations I have ever been on.

Gloria Russell
Family & Friends Group Travel
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