Vantage SmartPay℠ Discount Plan

Reserve early and save 10% with SmartPay!

Optional pre-trip extensions. Exclusive optional tours. Upgraded business class seats. These things can be yours — virtually for free — when you use SmartPay to pay for your trip in advance. That’s because you can save an average of up to $600 per person — a full 10% — when you reserve your trip and pay in full 12 months or more prior to your journey!

$10,000 TRIP
12 months or more prior to departure (360+ days)
10% $1,000
11 months prior to departure (330-359 days)
7% $700
10 months prior to departure (300-329 days) 6% $600
9 months prior to departure (270-299 days)
5% $500
8 months prior to departure (240-269 days)
4% $400
7 months prior to departure (210-239 days)
3% $300
6 months prior to departure (180-209 days)
5 months prior to departure (150-179 days)
1.5% $150
4 months prior to departure (120-149 days)
1% $100

It’s easy: Simply call us and we’ll guide you through how to pay in full via check, eCheck, or money order. You won’t need to worry about making any further payments, and can focus on the fun part — your exciting trip!

Besides saving up to thousands per couple, here are the other benefits:

Save up to 10% off the cost of trip extensions, optional tours, flight and cabin upgrades

You’ll lock in your trip price to shield yourself against from unexpected increases such as rising fuel prices and currency fluctuations.

Utilize “eCheck” – it’s the fast, simple, and secure way to pay. Have your checkbook handy when calling to reserve and we’ll take care of the rest.

Remember, even if your ideal departure date is close, you can still save when you pay in full with eCheck at your final payment due date.

eCheck is safe and secure

Because the transaction is electronic, a paper check is not passing through multiple hands, making you better protected against identity theft. The cost of your trip is electronically withdrawn from your checking account. Paying by eCheck is as easy as using your credit card. But it’s better, because the transaction is nearly instantaneous and your bill is paid. The ease of paying by eCheck means we will ask you for your bank’s routing number (that identifies your bank) and your account number. It’s that simple; no credit card bill down the road. There’s something to be said for that feeling of contentment.

Please note: SmartPay℠ savings of up to 10% is available on all departures, when paid in full by eCheck. Please note that above savings are calculated per couple including highest cabin category, international airfare, Business Class airfare upgrades, and both pre- or post-trip extensions per tour. This Discount Plan does not apply to payments received within your final payment due date period and does not apply when making final payment by credit card. You are required to "Pay In Full" via check, e-check or money order. Balances of less than $2,000 do not qualify for the SmartPay℠ plan.

Please note for Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey passengers on combination tours, your final payment will be due prior to 120 days. Please see terms and conditions for details
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