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Protect yourself, your loved ones and your investment against the unexpected

Enhanced 100% Travel Protection Plan

Not sure if the investment is worth it?

It’s true that travel protection is an additional expense – and one we hope you’ll never have to use, if all goes well. But as every traveler knows, we must plan for the unexpected. If you need to cancel your trip close to departure (because of a lost or stolen passport, medical issue, family emergency, world events, work schedule, etc.), you could lose your entire investment. If accidents or medical issues rear their ugly heads while on tour, you could be facing bills in the hundreds of thousands. These expenses far outweigh the cost of travel protection, which more than pays for itself in the event that you need to use it.

Choosing travel protection ensures that you, your loved ones and your investment are 100% protected from point of purchase until your return home. There’s a reason the US Department of State recommends taking travel protection every time, and we urge you (based on horror stories we know too well) to not take the risk of traveling unprotected.

Comparing plans?

When it comes to Travel Protection plans, it’s true that you get what you pay for. We’ve designed our plan carefully with our travelers’ needs in mind. If you’re comparing to less expensive plans, please look closely at the coverage details and compare the fine print, because you’ll often find a reason for the lower cost. You’re smart to protect yourself, but don’t settle for less and risk traveling with only partial coverage. Vantage does offer many other ways to save, including a few ways you can even travel for free – see HERE for more details.

Are you covered for...?

True Cancellation for Any Reason:
No restrictions or fine print.

Buyers beware! Many plans have restrictions and exclusions regarding time of cancellation and what portion of the investment is returned – please review carefully. With our plan, the full value of your investment is protected for cancellation up to and including day of departure with either cash back or trip credit returned, depending on the reason for cancellation.

Full Cash Refund Trip Cancellation Coverage

If you cancel for a covered reason up to and including day of departure, you’ll receive a cash reimbursement for your investment.

Trip Interruption coverage

Trip Interruption Coverage provides you with a reimbursement for your unused travel arrangements, plus the additional airfare cost to return home, if your trip is interrupted for a covered reason.

Medical/Dental Coverage

Does your health or dental insurance cover you away from home? Many plans offer little or no coverage for on-trip medical bills. Our plan covers up to $100,000 in on-trip medical expenses and also provides coverage for up to $500,000 in medical transportation costs if you must be medically evacuated for appropriate care.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage

If you purchase your plan when you reserve your trip, you will also be covered for pre-existing conditions (which covers a time frame of 60 days prior to the purchase of your plan). To maximize your coverage benefits, we recommend adding your protection plan at point of sale. If booking is within 60 days of departure date, travel protection must be purchased at time of booking. Click HERE to learn more about pre-existing conditions coverage.

Loss or delay of Baggage/Personal Effects

Protect your belongings with coverage up to $3,000 for loss of baggage/personal effects. Has your luggage ever been delayed? Next time, benefit from up to $1,000 ($250 per person per day) in coverage.

Travel Delay

Have you ever encountered a flight cancellation or delay? Perhaps a better question would be – what traveler hasn’t? Meals and accommodations are covered when you have a flight delay or cancellation, or for other covered delays.

Missed Connection

What happens when your layover doesn’t go as planned? Enjoy the benefit of coverage for alternate travel arrangements when a flight connection is missed due to reasons such as bad weather or mechanical issues.

24/7 Traveler’s Assistance line

Want to book tickets and transportation to a local restaurant or show during leisure time while traveling? Have questions about your coverage? Not sure if you should seek medical attention? Need to arrange for an emergency return home? Trip Mate’s 24/7 Customer Assistance line complete with concierge and nurse helpline assistance is available to help.

Global XPI Online Medical Database

Upload your medical records, including allergies and medications and dosages to help your overseas physician provide you with the best possible care. You will receive a card that you can place in your purse or wallet that you can simply hard to your physician to be scanned electronically.

Online Claim Processing

Cut out the paperwork, inconvenience and delays by processing claims quickly and easily online.

Quick-Response Training of Vantage Staff

Both our US and overseas teams are specially trained in responding quickly to situations that may arise. If you have our travel protection, our team can respond quickly to connect with our travel protection provider to assist you at a time when time is often of the essence. We can also help to act as your advocate to ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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